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What is Propolis? Honey bee workers visit flora and trees such as balsam, birch and poplar and collect the sap, carrying it back to the beehive on their legs in the same baskets used for collecting pollen. Once it is back in the hive the workers mix the sappy resins with beeswax to create the sticky mixture we call propolis.  In the beehive, propolis is used as a glue to hold hive parts together and to seal off holes. It is also used to create a sterile environment if a foreign substance is too large for the bees to remove from the hive. Propolis has anti-bacterial and antifungal proprties that help the bees make their home more disease resistant. Health...

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Baking with Honey: The Basics

When baking with honey, you can use the same amount of honey and cut the liquid by one quarter, for example: 1 cup sugar + 1 cup milk =1 cup honey + 3/4 cup milk Or you can replace sugar with three quarters of honey, for example: 1 cup sugar = 3/4 cup honey Honey will slide out of measuring cups or spoons if oil is measured first or if the measures are rinsed with hot water. Add honey to batter in a fine stream, beating constantly. Baked goods containing honey brown more quickly, therefore, the temperature should be reduced by 25°F degrees to prevent over-browning and flavour change. Baked goods also remain fresh and moist for a longer period...

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