Honey Lovers! We bring natures sweetener from our hives to you!

About Us

Established in 1918, Nith Valley Apiaries has been passed through four owners, each of them learning from the previous beekeeper. Our hives dot the countryside throughout Perth, Waterloo and Oxford counties, with around 20 hives at each yard, and 25 bee-yards. These hives allow us to provide honey to the residents of Southwestern Ontario and beyond. 

We believe in working within sustainable local food systems and place a high value on supporting our ecosystem, our local farmers, and our community. We offer the best quality honey products and customer service. By constantly upgrading our knowledge-base from other beekeepers and the scientific community we incorporate this knowledge into our business practices. Over the last few years we have been exploring healthy new products such as bee pollen, propolis, and small-batch speciality flavoured honeys. We've also added plants and habitat spaces to our farm to better support pollinators. Learn more about what's happening and who's behind it all here.

We currently supply a number of local stores and restaurants, as well as retailing directly to the public from our 'Honey House' on the edge of New Hamburg. We offer a variety of quality honey products and varying specialty gift items. Bulk honey is always on tap and we are happy to fill your containers. 


Mike, Erika, Joe, Ryan, Brie, and Lyss (Right to Left) all work together closely to keep things buzzing along smoothly in the honey house, office and in the beeyards. 


 Mike is our master beekeeper. He purchased the business after working under the previous beekeeper for several years, picking up all the skills and know-how of running the business. When he's not keeping bees or building beekeeping equipment, Mike enjoys family time with his wife, Erika, and young kids. He also   enjoys working away on projects ranging from tree-planting and woodworking to innovating more efficient ways to get things done. When you see him, ask him what his latest project is!

       Erika is our Operations Manager and 'Girl Friday.' She takes care of our office management, customer service, wholesale relations anything else as it comes up. She is also mother to two young boys Finnian and Sebastian and enjoys tending to the vegetable and flower gardens you can see on our farms. Winter brings her more time to relax and listen to her record collection, play piano or work on sewing projects.


Alyssa is our honey house retail manager, and is often the person you'll meet in the honey house. She does most of our social media updating and online communication. Alyssa started at NVA in June of 2020 and got a chance to learn from Cassandra, Jodi and Erika before taking on the role of manager. She especially loves creating unique ways to use our flavoured honeys. The rest of her time is spent road tripping with her dog or travelling (and missing her dog).

Joe Started at NVA only one day after his birthday in 2020 and has been a full time beekeeper ever since! Joe is a jack of all trades and brings a unique perspective to the world of commercial beekeeping and we have been so grateful to have his insight. Outside of work Joe is a divemaster, a world traveler, a very good cook and has a discerning and well honed taste for craft beers. 


Ryan started in the summer of 2021, he has been a beekeeper for years and has a deep bond to these wonderful critters. NVA is his first experience with a large scale beekeeping operation and through the season he bloomed into a great asset to the team. Ryan has taken on a new role on the road as our sales representative, we have gotten to try many excellent locally made baked goods and products thanks to him! Ryan has a full schedule with three sons, a wife and a tiny house to build, and yes, he STILL KEEPS HIS OWN BEES AFTER



Brie is also new to the NVA scene, she joined our team in the spring of 2021 and hasn't looked back. She is a friendly face you'll see in our store or talk to when you call us. Fun Fact, she is also Alyssa's TWIN SISTER. She has really enjoyed working side by side with Alyssa and Erika and learning all about honey and bees. When she started at NVA she would hold her breath whenever she saw a bee or wasp near by and by the end of the season she hardly noticed them. Brie loves to spend her time away from NVA with her pony Martha or watching Star Wars or Marvel films (again).