Honey Lovers! We bring natures sweetener from our hives to you!

Event Favours

Making your event just that much sweeter

We have 140g and 60g hex jars (picture below) that are perfect for weddings, corporate functions and open houses. Orders for favours are highly customizable and we work with you to figure out how to best meet your needs.

(Left) 140g True Hexagon (110mL)  
- Gold lid or White lid available upon request only
- 3” tall, 2” wide
- Case/12 at $42.00/case
(right) 60g True Hexagon (45mL)
- Gold lid
- 2” tall, 1 2/4” wide
- Case/24 at $48.00/case


Download our order form here.

If you aren’t interested in the jars we have available, you can purchase your desired jar style elsewhere and make arrangements with us to have the jars filled. This is an option that many of our customers choose, as it allows them to add their own unique touches to their favours. One of our customers purchased her own jars, Nith Valley Apiaries honey and stickers, and then added her own tags to make some beautiful wedding favours.

How to order:
  1. Download the Event Favour order form here.
  2. Fill out the order form with your preferences.
  3. Email your filled out form to us at info@nithvalleyapiaries.ca
  4. You will get a confirmation email shortly after.

Event Favours are available for pick-up only at Nith Valley Apiaries in New Hamburg.



  • Do the favours come with tags?
    • No, we only provide the label stickers that directly adhere to the jar. 
  • Can I customize the labels?
    • Yes! Here are a few of the customizations we can accommodate. 

      • When should I order?
        • Please order at least 4 weeks before your event. This gives us time to make your order perfect! You can change details of your order up to 2 weeks before your pick up date. 
      • How many cases do I need for my event?
        • We suggest ordering a few extra jars than the number of guests just in case! Our pricing above includes full or half cases only. 
      • I need a few extra jars, but not a whole case worth. What should I do?
        • We charge the retail price for those extra jars that are over the full or half case threshold. For example; if you want 25 jars of 60g then you would get a full case at $48.00 plus one jar at full price $3.00. 
      • Where do I pick up my favours?
        • All favours are pick-up only at our Apiary in New Hamburg at 1041 Christner Rd. Please come during posted store hours or call us at 519-662-3165 to make an appointment outside of store hours. 
      • Do I need to pre-pay for the favours?
        • No, unless your order is over $200 where we need a 50% deposit to confirm the order. We also suggest paying ahead of time if you are going to have someone else pick the favours up for you. 
      • Is there a deposit to pay before I order?
        • Not under order of $200, but if your order is over $200 we need a 50% deposit to confirm the order. We will let you know when you place your order if you need to put a deposit down, and we will calculate the amount for you.

      Examples of our honey used as wedding favours. (Tags were added separately, we do not provide these).