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Bee Pollen Honey

Bee Pollen Honey

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We are so proud of this new honey which is a perfect combination of two delicious things we collect from our hives. 

Bees gather pollen all throughout the season and form it into perfect little pellets. Pollen is an incredible natural multivitamin that provides the bees with 250 unique nutrients (vitamins, minerals, flavonoids) and all amino acids. These benefits can be reaped by humans as well including others such as reliving inflammation, working as an antioxidant and alleviating allergies over time. It has a unique flavour and a bright colour.

To make this honey we use our most potent pollen to which is gathered at peak points in the season. Creamed honey has a very smooth texture and is perfect for spreading on toast or spooning into smoothies. The flavour combination of our white honey and summer pollen is reminiscent of mango and citrus with a subtle aftertaste.