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Golden Sunflower Honey

Golden Sunflower Honey

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Ontario No. 1 Golden Honey from Sunflowers

Sunshine in a jar! Our Sunflower Honey is sweet, mild and nutty in flavour so it can be used anywhere you'd like to try honey. Thanks to its neutral smell and mild flavour its a perfect honey to introduce to young kids or other picky eaters in your life. 

Overall this honey has a mild floral taste and may have toasted notes depending on the strength. It has undertones of butterscotch or plum. It is a mellow honey that is best served warm to showcase its full range of flavour. 

Pair it: an aged sheep's cheese, blue cheese, sharp white cheddar, flatbread crackers/baguette, Pinot noir.

Note: Only available in 500g Glass Jars