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Event Favours

honey wedding favour

We have 60g and 140g hex jars (picture below) that are perfect for weddings, corporate functions and open houses. Orders for favours are highly customizable and we work with you to figure out how to best meet your needs.


140g True Hexagon (left in image above 110mL)                  

- Gold lid - 3” tall, 2” wide

- Case/12

- $34/Case Summer Blossom or Wildflower

60g True Hexagon (right in image above 45mL)

- Gold lid - 2” tall, 1 2/4” wide

- Case/24

- $44/Case Summer Blossom or Wildflower

If you aren’t interested in the jars we have available, you can purchase your desired jar style elsewhere and make arrangements with us to have the jars filled. This is an option that many of our customers choose, as it allows them to add their own unique touches to their favours. One of our customers purchased her own jars, Nith Valley Apiaries honey and stickers, and then added her own tags to make some beautiful wedding favours.

Download the Event Favour order form here and email it back to us at info@nithvalleyapiaries.ca

Event Favours are available for pick-up only at the honey farm.